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Electrolysis For Treatment of Facial Veins and Spider Naevi

There are a number of reasons why facial veins , spider naevi and blood spots appear. Often it is as a result of vigorous squeezing of black heads and spots, incorrect skin care, extremes of weather conditions or they may be an indication of some other underlying condition which needs to be determined before treatment commences.spider_naevus.jpg

Sheila Godfrey will never commence any treatment until a full consultation has taken place. This enables the cause of the problem to be highlighted, and a treatment programme to be drawn up. It is usual for a patch test to be carried out in order to check skin reaction and sensitivity.

It also enables you, the client to see how the treatment feels and see how long the skin needs to settle after treatment.

Where a number of veins are present it is advisable to leave at least 4 weeks between treatments to the same area. Immediately after treatment the veins will disappear.

They will then reappear, looking darker than they did before, then gradually they will fade over the next 2 -3 weeks, at which time there should be no sign that you have had treatment, except the veins will have disappeared.

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What our clients say

I was embarrassed about the pigmentation marks and broken veins on my face, neck and chest. My 60th birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to wear a low necked dress for the party. I attended Sheila Godfrey’s Clinic where I had a course of treatments and followed a home care programme. The results are fantastic, the skin is now an even colour, t he texture is much smoother and the broken veins and brown marks have gone.

FC - Knowle

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