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Facial veins / Rosacea

Depending on the severity of the problem Facial veins , flushing, high colour, Rosacea and blood spots often pose a significant cosmetic problem to many individuals, both male and female, having an adverse effect on their self esteem and confidence.spider_naevus.jpg

ROSACEA is a common condition of unknown cause affecting the facial skin. It first typically appears when people reach their 30’s – 40’s and manifests itself as a flushing or redness of the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. If left untreated the condition can worsen over time, resulting in more persistent redness. Bumps and pimples appear, in addition small dilated blood vessels become visible.

Facial veins (telangiectasisa) are fine visible veins appearing near the skin’s surface. There are a number of reasons why these occur. The underlying cause needs to be determined after which a suitable treatment plan can be put in place.

Treatments include:

- Intense Pulsed Light
- Electrolysis
- Priori and Coffeeberry peels and skin therapy

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I just wanted to thank you for looking after my Mum last Friday. You have no idea how much your kind act meant to me. Mum has not stopped talking about how wonderful you are, and how skilful. You really have an amazing skill and talent for looking after your clients. It shines through like a beacon.

Rose - Solihull

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